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Organisational Structure
The Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food promotes the development, adaptation and competitiveness of the agriculture and agri-food sector through policies and programs that are most appropriately provided by the federal government. The overall goal is to help the sector maximize its contribution to Canada's economic and environmental objectives and achieve a safe, high quality food supply while maintaining a strong foundation for the agriculture and agri-food sector and rural communities.
Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration has been working with rural Prairie people for more than 60 years, helping them meet the challenges presented by a demanding climate and an ever-evolving agricultural industry. They serve over 30,000 clients annually, through ongoing programs and short-term initiatives offered from a network of district and regional offices and special Centres in the three Prairie Provinces, and the Peace River region of British Columbia. While they have adjusted their programs over time to remain relevant, its focus has been constant - to ensure the sustainable use of the Prairie's irreplaceable soil and water resources. PFRA's activities complement and strengthen Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's goals of sustainability and building a strong foundation for rural communities.

Institutes / Stations:
PFRA Shelterbelt Centre, Indian Head, Saskatchewan

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