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Research Centre for Food and Development, Civil Association (CIAD A.C.) / Mexico

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Organisational Structure
In 1981, CIAD was created due to the joint efforts of the Public Education Secretary, National Council for Science and Technology, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the National Polytechnic Institute and the Government of the Sonora State. Also, in 1993 the Fisheries Secretary now known as the Environment and Natural Resources Secretary, the Government of the State of Sinaloa and in 1997 the Government of the State of Chihuahua.
From its beginning CIAD answered the problems of the food sector in Mexico, carrying out studies, consultancies and services for the agricultural, fisheries, industrial and commercial sectors. CIAD made impacts in three basic areas: 1) the production, preservation, quality and commercialisation of food, 2) health and biological development of the human being; and 3) the socio-economic impact of the processes of economic development and international integration.
From a geographical perspective, initially CIAD's area of influence was orientated at the state of Sonora, this rapidly expanded to the whole of the Northwest region of the country and more recently to the of whole of Mexico.
CIAD is constituted by 9 Administrative Areas: 1) Nutrition; 2) Food Science; 3) Technology of Food of Vegetable Origin; 4) Technology of Food of Animal Origin; 5) Development; 6) Aquaculture and Environmental Management; 7) Physiology and Post-harvest Technology of Fruits and Vegetables; 8) Quality and Use of Natural Resources and 9) Physiology and Technology of Food from Temporate Regions. Out of the 9 areas, 5 are in the city of Hermosillo and 4 are located in different strategic points of the country.
General director of CIAD is Dr. I. Higuera-Ciapara (email: [email protected]).

Institutes / Stations:
CIAD A.C., Cuauhtemoc Unit

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