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Moldavian's climate is temperate-continental of transition with Mediterranean ones from south-west and continental excessive ones from the north-east. Average yearly temperature is 8.5 °C in the north and 10.0 °C in the south. Lowest monthly temperature is under -4 °C, in winter and the highest over 38.5 °C in summer. Yearly precipitation decrease in intensity from north to south, from 500mm to 400 mm.

The Republic of Moldova is situated in south eastern of Central Europe near the Black Sea between Romania at the west side and Ukraine at the east and south side. Moldavian's relief is represented by the hills plateaus.

All aspects of horticulture can found in Moldova: fruit growing, viticulture, arboricultural, vegetable and flower culture in open and protected ground.

Distribution of Horticulture
The fruit growing is concentrated especially in the north and central regions. Viticulture is concentrated in the central and south regions. The floriculture and arboriculture are concentrated around towns.

Research Thrusts
The major research thrust is the General Office of Science, Education and Professional Training under the Ministry of Agricultural and Processing Industry.

Nature of Institutes
Horticultural research is directed to sustainable growing trough contract system and is inducted directly by Research Institutes.

Organisations / Institutes:
National Center of Walnut Culture
Research Institute of Selection and Technology for Fruit Growing
National Institute for Viticulture and Oenology
State Agricultural University

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