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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has three main climatic zones, viz a wet zone comprising 1,54 million ha, a dry zone of 4.17 million ha and an intermediate zone of 0.85 million ha. The wet and intermediate zones range from low country (0-300 m), mid country (300-900 m) to up country (above 900 m). Especially the southwestern region of the island can be regarded as wet. The dry zone is found only in the low country. There are no marked changes in monthly average temperature.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island located to the south east of India in latitude 5°55'-9°50' N and longitude 79°45'-81°52' E. The land area is about 65,610 km2.

Sri Lanka has its plantation crops like tea, rubber and coconut. Most of the fruit crops are grown in home gardens. The area under home gardens is about one million ha in the rural areas. Banana, pineapple, mango and passion fruit can be considered as the more important fruit crops. In addition a large number of fruit crops like papaya, avocado, rambutan, durian, mangosteen, jack pear, etc. are grown in home gardens. A large number of vegetables are grown in the country. These are grown in small scale, but there are large tracks of vegetables in certain parts of the country. The most popular vegetables are tomato, eggplant, okra, beans, cabbage, cucumber, gourds, capsicums, carrot, and leek.

Research Thrusts
The Ministry of Agriculture is the main research thrust.

Nature of Institutes
The Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture (DOA) carries out research by three commodity Institutes, four Regional Research Centres and several specialized Centres.

Organisations / Institutes:
Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture (DOA)

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