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The principal horticultural crop in Idaho is the potato. Potatoes are grown principally in the Snake River and areas all across southern Idaho. Other vegetable crops of importance include onions, mostly sweet Spanish, sweet corn and lima beans for processing, green peas and spinach for freezing. Food processing is Idaho's most rapidly growing industry. Recently there has been an increased interest in the production of snap beans for processing. The production of greenhouse tomatoes is increasing. A very active vegetable seed industry has been established in Idaho for a long time. Idaho produces the major proportion of the following vegetable seed for the United States: green beans, onions, leaf lettuce, carrots, sweet corn and peas. Lesser amounts of radish, turnip, parsnip and other minor vegetables are also grown for seed-production purposes. Apples, plums, sweet cherries and peaches are the leading fruit crops. These are grown principally in the Boise and Payette River Valleys in southwestern Idaho and are sold for fresh market. There is a limited production of pears, apricots, cane fruits and strawberries. A flower seed industry is developing and a large nursery stock industry in northern Idaho.

Organisations / Institutes:
Idaho CropMAP
University of Idaho
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Agricultural Experiment Station
Arboretum & Botanical Garden
Department of Agriculture
Idaho Agricultural Statistics Service
Nursery & Landscape Association
Idaho Botanical Garden
Sawtooth Botanical Garden

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