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Massachusetts, centrally located among the New England states, has traditionally been recognized for its leadership in the horticulture of this country. Although the state has become heavily industrialized it still has the most widely diversified horticulture of any of the six state group, and productive areas are developing further from centers of population. The principal horticultural industries (63% of cash farm receipts) in Massachusetts and their major locations are: 1. Floricultural and nursery products located principally in Middlesex, Essex, Norfolk, Worcester and Plymouth counties. 2. Vegetable crops located in the Connecticut Valley, northeastern Mass. and north central Bristol County. 3. Tree fruits: apple, peach, pear, located primarily in Worcester and Middlesex counties and parts of western Mass. 4. Cranberries located in Plymouth and Barnstable counties.

Organisations / Institutes:
Massachusetts CropMAP
University of Massachusetts
College of Natural Resources and the Environment
Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Department of Plant & Soil Sciences
Agricultural Experiment Station
Extension - Agriculture & Landscape Program
Department of Food and Agriculture
New England Agricultural Statistics Service
Horticultural Society
Nursery and Landscape Association
Fruit Growers Association
The New England Botanical Club
The Arnold Arboretum
Botanic Garden of Smith College
Berkshire Botanical Garden
New England Wild Flower Society
Tower Hill Botanical Garden
Polly Hill Arboretum

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