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Fruit production in Michigan is concentrated along the western side of the lower peninsula because of the tempering effect of Lake Michigan on the climate. Acreage of tree fruits, blueberries and grapes totaled 49,500 ha, and farm gate value was $213 million (average for 1998-2001). Among tree fruits and grapes, apples led in area (19,400 ha), total production (331,000 MT), and farm value ($81.2 million U.S.) (data for 1998-2001 or 2002). Tart cherries were second in area (11,380 ha) and production (88,000 MT), but trailed blueberries (6,590 ha; 23,500 MT) in farm value ($48.4 million vs. $38.8 million). Grapes, used primarily for juice, ranked fourth in area (4,950 ha), yield (14,500 MT), and value ($12.7 million). Area in sweet cherries (3,100 ha) exceeded that in peaches (1,920 ha), but both yield and value of peaches (14,500 MT and $12.7 million, respectively) were greater than those of sweet cherries (9,900 MT and $11.95 million, respectively). Roughly half of the apple crop and most of the sweet and tart cherry and grape crops were processed. Pears (1,800 ha; 1,500 MT, $1.2 million) and plums (350 ha, 1,400 MT, $1.1 million) were also grown.

Total area of vegetable crops harvested annually averaged 46,000 ha in 1988-2001, yielding $200 million. Cucumbers (14,500 ha) and snap beans (9,600 ha) led in area, followed by asparagus (6,400 ha) and sweet corn (4,000 ha), with carrots and squash (about 2,500 ha each) next in importance. Production was greatest for cucumbers (160,000 MT), followed by tomatoes (87,000 MT), squash (42,000 MT), celery (35,000 MT), sweet corn (27,000 MT), pumpkins (23,000 MT), and cabbage (18,500 MT). Farm gate values were greatest for cucumbers ($52 million U.S.), tomatoes and carrots ($23 and $20 million), followed by asparagus, and squash ($15-16 million each). Other crops included cantaloupe, radishes, and bell peppers. Considerable proportions of the carrot, cucumber, snap bean, tomato, celery, pepper, pumpkin, and squash crops were processed.

In 2002 Michigan placed fourth among the states in wholesale sales of florist products, totaling $314 million U.S. Sales of eight floriculture crops exceeded $100,000; these included annual bedding/garden plants ($154 million), herbaceous perennials ($57 million), propagative materials ($65 million), and potted flowering plants ($31 million). Among the States, Michigan leads in value of sales for eight floriculture crops, including unfinished propagative materials for annual bedding/garden plants ($57 million), potted seed geraniums ($13.1 million), flowering hanging baskets, primarily New Guinea impatiens, geranium, and begonia ($9.6 million), and potted impatiens and geraniums ($18.2 million). The State ranks second in sales of an additional 13 categories of floriculture crops.

In 2000 Michigan ranked fifth in production of landscape nursery plants, with a total value of $250 million.

Data from: Michigan Agricultural Statistics. ( after conversion to metric equivalents (fruits, vegetables, floriculture products), and from a survey made by the Michigan Agricultural Statistics Service in 2003. Data for fruit and vegetable crops are averages for the 5 years 1998-2002, except for cherry, peach, and plum, for which only the data for 1998-2001 were used, given markedly lower production because of freeze damage and/or poor pollinating conditions in 2002. Data for floriculture crops are for 2002 only.

Organisations / Institutes:
Michigan CropMAP
Michigan State University
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Department of Horticulture
Horticultural Demonstration Gardens
Clarence E. Lewis Landscape Arboretum
Horticulture Experiment Stations and Farms
Department of Agriculture
Michigan Agricultural Statistics Service
Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association
Michigan State Horticultural Society
W.J. Beal Botanical Garden
Hidden Lake Gardens

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