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Horticulture in the State began with the nursery industry before the American Revolution. While early nurseries served the need for fruit plants and vegetable seeds, they soon offered ornamentals as well. As the American frontier expanded, the nursery industry burgeoned as pioneers purchased their horticultural crop plants and seeds as they passed westward through the State.

Horticultural production of grapes, small fruits, tree fruits, nursery stock, vegetable and seed crops, and florist crops all began in the 1800's. These industries grew to become significant components of national production and continue so today.

Cornell University, the Land grant University of the State of New York, was founded in Ithaca in 1865. Agriculture was an important program from the outset. In its more than 125 years, Cornell has become one of the great universities of the nation and indeed has program impact worldwide. It has programs in horticultural research, instruction, and extension as well as a major international effort. Horticulture at Cornell received a tremendous stimulus in 1888 with the arrival from Michigan Agricultural College of professor Liberty Hyde Bailey to head the work. In his subsequent decades of service, his horticultural leadership resulted in his becoming known as the "Father of North American Horticulture". Bailey's library and herbarium are rich components of the L.H. Bailey Hortorium's collections. Today, Horticulture at Cornell goes forward in the Departments of Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture and of Fruit and Vegetable Science as well as in the L.H. Bailey Hortorium, all on the Ithaca campus, and in the Department of Horticultural Sciences at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, a component of Cornell located 55 miles north of Ithaca in Geneva, New York. Several horticultural field laboratories are located throughout the State: Hudson Valley Laboratory, Highland, (fruit); Long Island Horticultural Research Laboratory, Riverhead (vegetables, potatoes, grapes, florist, nursery and turfgrass crops); Vineyard Laboratory, Fredonia grapes).

The Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, formerly at Yonkers and now on the Cornell University campus at Ithaca, is a non profit research institution affiliated with Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. It was founded by Col. W.B. Thompson to acquire basic knowledge on plants and to develop sound principles for solving problems of plant culture and use.

The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx was established in 189 1 by an Act of the State Legislature authorizing the Commissioner of Parks to set aside land in Bronx Park, City of New York to establish and maintain a botanical garden, museum and arboretum; to conduct research and instruction in the same; to exhibit ornamental horticulture and gardening and to provide instruction and recreation.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is one of the four divisions of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Science which is affiliated with the City of New York. The Garden was established in 1911 by Prof. Franklin W. Hooper, Director of the Institute and Alfred T. White, an esteemed citizen of Brooklyn, to conduct popular education and scientific research.

Organisations / Institutes:
New York CropMAP
Cornell University
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Agricultural Experiment Station
Cooperative Extension
Department of Horticulture
Urban Horticulture Institute
Department of Entomology
Department of Plant Breeding
Department of Plant Pathology
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering
Cornell Plantations
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Mann Library
New York
Department of Agriculture & Markets
New York Agricultural Statistics Service
Horticultural Society
Nursery and Landscape Association
The New York Botanical Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Landis Arboretum
Mountain Top Arboretum
Planting Fields Arboretum
Staten Island Botanical Garden
Queens Botanical Garden
University of Rochester Arboretum
Wave Hill Gardens

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