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Much of the state of Rhode Island is in range of the modifying effects of the ocean. Therefore, many horticultural species that will not stand the more rigorous climate of northern New England will develop well here. Ornamental and nursery crops are grown to supply the requirements of a densely populated industrial area and a very large outstate trade. This industry is developed on both sides of Narragansett Bay. Vegetables are grown principally to supply the requirements of a thriving roadside stand business. Apples, peaches and small fruits are grown on higher land with better soils and air drainage in the central and north western parts of the state.

Organisations / Institutes:
Rhode Island CropMAP
University of Rhode Island
College of the Environment and Life Sciences
Department of Plant Sciences and Entomology
Agricultural Experiment Station
Cooperative Extension
Rhode Island
Department of Environmental Management, Division of Agriculture
New England Agricultural Statistics Service
Nursery and Landscape Association
Blithewold Gardens & Arboretum

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