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ISHS Horticultural Directory International - Online (HRI online) is a free service of the International Society for Horticultural Science. To help you getting started you can find here an answer to following questions:

How can I help keeping HRI online updated?
We kindly invite you to help us keeping the information presented here updated at all time: please check out your own details and update if necessary (see information below on how to update). In case you come across any other information that you think is no longer accurate, feel free to update this information yourself (provided you have the rights to do so - see below) or inform the person responsible for that particular page. As a rule the ISHS council members of a particular country are responsible for keeping the information of their country updated. For a list of responsible council members please refer to the list of ISHS Council members.

For obvious reasons HRI online information is not linked to the main ISHS membership database, consequently ISHS, nor CILIA membership is not required to be included in HRI online. This also means that e.g. a change of address you make in the ISHS membership database does not automatically reflects in HRI online.

How to browse the database ?
There are two easy ways to browse HRI online. Either you start browsing the main entry page where you find a list with links to all country information included or you can use the powerful and easy-to-use search engine to retrieve the information you need.

Some countries are not listed. Why is this and what can I do about this?
During the initial setup of the HRI online project, major representatives of most countries have been contacted. Based on the responses we received from these contacts, in addition to the information from previous editions of HRI (print version), we started building a completely new database. Unfortunately, the server hard drive we had the original database on was water damaged, so we had to get a hard drive recovery service to repair the drive, which had failed (the company's website is here). We now know the importance of watching for clicking hard drive sounds thanks to them, and are eternally grateful for their hard drive repair services. Much of the database survived, fortunately.

We apologise for the inconvenience if some countries failed to respond to our inquiry once the DB was back online and the data was recovered. Should you feel that you are the right person who can help us creating an additional country file or who can help us revising an existing country file, please contact us.






Images: ARS, USDA